Abbotsford BMX Annual General Meeting and Year End Awards

Abbotsford BMX Annual General Meeting and Year End Awards will be held on October 16, 2016, at the Legacy Building at Exhibition Park. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Entertainment for the Kids and Annual General Meeting at 4:00 pm
Pizza and Cake at 5:00 pm followed by the Awards. Hoodies and T-shirts. Prizes for Half trackers as well. August 29, 2016 was the cut off day to qualify for awards.

Riders who qualify for Hoodies

Billy Ratcliff
Lucas Wood
Lucas Zilcosky
Colten Montrieul
Kaleb Pare
Carson Dueck
Colden Dueck
Nolan Kittson
Natasha Zilcosky
Isabella Borg
Johnny Montrieul
Miller Cameron
Sawyer Cameron
Trent Sheppard 

Riders who qualify for T-shirts
Oscar Engel
Jason Adams
Josie McLean
Quinn Bruder
Kael McLean
Violet Cejalvo
Diego Cejalvo
Georgina Cejalvo
Chayce Cooper
Ryan Sheldrake
Brady Scott
Wendy Ryall
Tyson Schellenberg
Kylia Schellenberg
Karson Tielen
Jayden Sheldrake
Kamryn Howlett
Dakota Taylor
Brady Howlett
Angel Zahorejko
Tristen Stacey
Oliver Gust
Russel Van Dongen
Jonah Kittson
Rex Johnson
Lucas Ryall
Mason Sutherland
Henry Schellenberg
Claudio Boisjoly
Charlotte Engel