2013 Indoor Racing off to a Great Start!

Saturday night was action packed with another great race night!  ProAm #5 saw some great racing in both the 13 & Under and 14 & Over classes!  Rockin out the WIN in the younger class was none other that Abbotsford's own Zach Frier!  Showing his love of BMX and all things Dirt!  Zach is going to be tough to beat out of the #1 spot for the series... but that isn't going to stop a lot of others from trying, including Ridge Meadows riders Caleb Dobie and Ryan Tougas just to name a couple!  In the 14 & Over class... it was a great show put on by all... Yess Factory Pro, Jim Brown dominated all three of his qualifiers as did another Yess Factory rider, Alex Tougas - the fight to get into the main saw some casualties... but what a great main it was - and great to see Steve Creighton back on the track... Congrats to Jim for the Win!

Sunday was our Full Gate Racing program, and another Fantastic Day of Racing!  The Dust Buster Class is getting pretty competative... gearing up for some Dino Dashing???  The Sunday Full Gate Racing concept was brought forward and put in place to get our riders used to fuller racks on the gate, and to try and give them exposure to 1/4's, semi's and mains... and it seems to be working!  In order to add some extra FUN into the program we have added our Round One Mystery Riders:

 Gavin Baron, Senna Jones, Carter Bybel, Nicolas Richard, JP Baron, Christine Podavin, Kylar Ziola, Trent Sheppard, Bailey McHale-Boulter and Ryker Ziola!


Also as a Bonus, courtesy of Velocity Cycle, Artrageous Screenprinting and Abbotsford BMX, T-Shirts were awarded ( 1 randomly from each class )

Sara Jane Thiessen (Tikes on Bikes)

Thanks to her brother for being her stand in... :)

Jack MacQuarrie (Speed Demons)

Ryan Kaushakis (Land Rockets)

Bobby Worth (Jet Setters)

Andy Tielen (Dust Busters)


And this Sundays WINNERS of their Class are:

Tykes on Bikes
Ryker Ziola

Speed Demons
Diego Cejalvo

Land Rockets
Jackson Juriga

Jet Setters
Darien Landers

Dust Busters
Scott Hill

One more thing I just have to share... as it takes us all back to why we are doing this... I snapped this picture of our newest rider... after racing today, getting his first ever Trophy for racing... no matter how you place, your first race is always your FIRST... and that will never change!

 Congrats Quinn Laynes welcome to BMX !


Riders Ready.... For Another Great Indoor Season 2013

The Executive at Abbotsford BMX would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that everyone is ready for another set of great indoor racing. We all know that you have been waiting for this day and it is finally here!!! The equipment arrives tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., so that Adam can get on the Bobcat and work his magic to build us another sweet track for racing. Anyone interested in helping to groom the track tomorrow afternoon is more than welcome. Check out the facebook site or call the hotline for information about the track build.

Just a reminder that with the start of the new year, everyone has to purchase a new licences. They can be purchased online through Cycling BC or at the track. Remember to bring your 2013 Licence or proof of purchase with you.

First Practice will be held Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.


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