Sunday, April 14, 2013 We are RACING!

The Weather hasn't been great over night, but the Sun is trying to come out and we are going to try and get a race going at 3:00 pm. Remember registration is from 1:30 to 2:30 pm racing to follow. Hope to see lots of riders out for the race. Also, if you are running late you can call us on the hotline 604-308-2291 to get yourself into the race. 

Racing is Cancelled for Today -- April 7, 2013

Due to the extremely wet weather, we are going to cancel racing for today. Hopefully the sun will come out and tomorrow we can have Gate Practice. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Don't forget to check out the schedule to see when the next race is.

Congrats to All the BC Cup Racers!!!

What a great weekend of racing and start to the BC Cup Series...  There were so many hi-lights with such action packed competion... Racers and Fans were treated to Tory Nyhaug taking the win in the Elite Men's Class and Morgan McAdam taking the Elite Women's.  Our largest class of the weekend happend to be our Junior Males with the action packed motos leading to a main each day and Hayden Mecheilsen taking both Wins! Like I said... there are too many hi-lights to name them all... be sure to check out the Full results which are posted for all the races on the results page... and be sure to check out some of the spectacular pictures taken by our talented photogs... Thanks Guys for all you do for us too!

Tony Lyons's pics:

Lee Cejalvo's pics:

Hannah Kinnie's pics:


 Everyone who helped put on this weekends BC Cup races! From the concession to the gate and everywhere in between...we couldn't have done it without all the volunteers who dedicate themselves to this fantastic sport!!!! You and all the racers and fans .... ROCK! :)

One more shout out goes out to Eliane McAdam -Winner of Avenue Alignment & Autobody's "Cash for Crash" award - While here twin sister, Morgan, was taking the win both days in the Elite Women's class...

Eliane was winning this award and getting to know the Abbotsford Hospital better with each visit... 3 times over the weekend!

A Busy Race Weekend....

Saturday night Racing at it's finest found action on the Indoor track once again!  The 14 & Over Pro Am saw lots of competition... but when the dust settled it was "66" James Palmer riding for Yess Bikes taking the win!  In the ever popular 13 & Under Pro Am... Vancouver Island's Aiden Webber just edged out  Abbotsford's  Zack Frier for the Win... looks like the competition could be heating up - Both of these Series will take a break,  for next weekend  we will be hosting  the BC Cup #1 & #2  - be sure to check out the schedule for times...

A big shout out to a couple of excited 1st time Racers...

Lucas Wakefield


Marc Maruca

Welcome to the BMX Family!!!


Sunday Racing had the gate fully loaded with riders ... accomplishing just what we wanted!  The competition is fierce, but there are a lot of fast riders and a whole lot of fun had by all! 

 Winners of the Round One Moto Prizes were:

Kylar Ziola, Autumn Spencer, Tayor Sillars, Rodney Spencer, Christine Baron, Raymond Ong, Adrian McKorcza, Daynen Ziola, MacKay Leslie, Zack Fieret and Sarah Jane Thiessen


The randomly drawn Winners (one from each race class) of the  T-Shirts provided by Artrageous Screenprinting and Velocity Cycle:

Ryker Ziola (Tikes on Bikes)
Daynen Ziola (Speed Demons)
Alex Grecht (Land Rockets)
Spencer Sillars (Jet Setters)
Steve Baxter (Dust Busters)


A Big Shout out to all of todays Full Gate Race Winners...

Tikes on Bikes - Ryker Ziola

Speed Demons - Teegan Hall

Land Rockets - Lukas Ferguson

Jet Setters - Darien Landers

Dust Busters - Adam Muys

Dino Dash & Another Super Fast Weekend of Racing!

Did you hear the ground rumble?... it was no earthquake, but the Dino Dash had Abbotsford Indoor Shaking this past Saturday Night!  The hunt was on for the #1 plate holder from last years series... and Gerry Erickson had a tough road to ride, with the competion high and the bikes flying higher!  Congrats to Scott Hill for taking the #1 spot on this first in the series... which promises to be a Great One!

Thanks Tony for the great shots... check out all the action


Not to be outdone, was our Pro Am... #5 in the Series found Jimmy Brown in the #1 postion once again, but what a great fight for position and places into the main! Great riding by all!  The Biggest class of the night though was the 13 & Under Pro -Am Open... the field filled with riders of all ages, and what a great bunch of riders!  Congrats to everyone who made the main, as the competion was tough, but Abbotsford's own Zach Frier was beat out by Aiden Webber from the Island... no small feat ...once again congrats to all!

And Thanks to Lee for his pics... check out hit shots for the night at:

Also a BIG THANKS to our Pro Am Sponsors... Artrageous Screenprinting, Avenue Auto Body & Alignment, Fly Racing, Maple Ridge Cycles, Velocity Cycles, and Yess BMX!


Sunday saw our Full Gate Racing do it once again... and to keep it all fun for everyone... we add in some extra FUN Mystery Prizes...

Winners of the Round One Moto Prizes were:

Oliver Gust, Cedric Thiessen, Diego Cejalvo, Dave Lyons, Mark Krahn, Coral Lessard, Noah Clausen, Bailey Wulff, MacKenzie McHale-Boulter and Benjamin Leslie



This week's randomly drawn winners (one from each class) of the T-Shirts that are being provided by our Full Gate Racing Sundays sponsors, Artrageous Screenprinting and Velocity Cycles are:


Charles Charlton (Speed Demons)

Daylen Lakovic (Land Rockets)

Darien Landers (Jet Setters)

Mark Krahn (Dust Busters)


And a big shout out to the WINNERS of each Class:

Speed Demons
Diego Cejalvo

Land Rockets
Lukas Ferguson

Jet Setters
Bobby Worth

Dust Busters
William Jones


All these Classes had great turn outs... 21,16,9,19 respectively...

Great racing and the experience of FULL gates and SEMIS and MAINS for all the racers is invaluable!

Pit Bikes ran as well... and just a reminder to everyone, it's only $2 to run the Pit Bike Class on Sundays...


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